Co-op leaders tackle strategic issues

Capital Electric Cooperative’s (CEC) mission statement reads, "Capital Electric Cooperative serves our community and member-owners as their trusted energy provider and partner." CEC employees and board members developed this statement during the last strategic planning session in October 2016. It continues to be the focus of what the co-op is looking to accomplish today.

With a focus on our mission, CEC’s board of directors and management staff met at headquarters in February to discuss the future of the cooperative. Tracey and Cory Finneman, Integrity Partners, facilitated the strategic planning session.

CEC directors and employees discussed many topics during the two-day brainstorming session, including solar power, electric vehicles, self generation, capital credits and co-op annual meetings. Most of the conversation centered on how CEC can continue to provide excellent service to its members while dealing with rapid changes in technology in the energy industry.

Perennial topics, such as capital credit administration and rate structure, are important to review regularly, because they significantly impact the entire membership. Discussions focused on the impact to the member at the end of the line. Cooperative leaders agreed that ensuring fairness prevails is of paramount importance.

Other topics focused more on the future. Board members and employees explored the membership’s changing needs and emerging expectations. Creating a trusted relationship with each member emerged as a necessary component of future success.

Board President Dwight Wrangham saw the meetings as a success. "The strategic planning session went well with all board members participating in lively conversation about the future challenges at the cooperative. New innovations in the generation and distribution of electricity may come sooner than a lot of us think. I am confident Capital Electric is ready to meet all future challenges."

If you have an interest in learning more about your cooperative, consider attending CEC’s "Know Your Co-op" educational sessions. These sessions intend to inform and elicit feedback on important topics. For more information, contact Wes Engbrecht, director of communications and public relations, at (701) 712-7923 or

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