‘Know Your Co-op’ reaches halfway point

A program that started back in April 2017 to help educate a group of Capital Electric (CEC) members about their co-op has reached its halfway point.

The Know Your Co-op member education program is intended to span eight quarterly meetings on a variety of operational topics. The group of members who signed up for the first series of classes has learned about basic cooperative principles, transmission and substations, operations and engineering, and most recently billing, outage management and metering.

During the fourth Know Your Co-op installment in January, Meter Reader-Repairman Charles Atkinson explained the metering process and how technology continues to change how meters communicate with us in the office.

“The next generation of meters is communicating with us through the cellular network. This process gives us instantaneous information from the meter for the first time,” explains Atkinson.

Capital Electric Cooperative will be moving to cellular meters starting in 2018 and extending over the next several years.

Business Manager Luke Steen, Billing Supervisor Shari Vetter, Billing Coordinator Dana Solem and Billing Representatives Kacey Galster and Jessi Hummel covered the inner workings of the billing department. They discussed everything from billing to collection, stressing how diligent the co-op is in serving its members’ needs along the way.

The evening concluded with a birds-eye view of what happens in the office when an outage occurs. System Supervisor Jeff Holzer addressed the class in the operations room and displayed what CEC’s system is capable of telling us, as well as how he manages the process of outage restoration from within the office.

The program will continue with the fifth session in April when participants will learn about the energy services department and the full range of services they provide to our members. If you have an interest in attending the class or would like to check out a future session, please feel free to call Wes Engbrecht at (701) 712-7923 or email at wese@capitalelec.com.



“The KNOW YOUR CO-OP program that is being presented by the CEC employees has been an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Each session addresses specific business items that help CEC obtain the goal of delivering reliable power at the lowest possible price to us, the members.

The last session covered how CEC meters your account, bills for the services, and how they work to overcome power outages. ALL of the employees of the department participated in a very entertaining, fun delivery. The presentation showed the evolution of collecting data from the “meter reader” to today’s “smart meters” that provide data on demand.

When the power goes out due to weather or an accident, all of the employees of CEC concentrate on seeing that power is restored as soon as possible. This presentation included a tour of the operations center where power routes can be switched. It is NOT necessary to attend the sessions in sequence. Each session is designed to stand alone. Along with learning about our cooperative, we have been blessed with getting to know other members better. We hope these classes will be presented again so more members can take part and get to KNOW THEIR CO-OP.”


Tom & LeAna Hug, Baldwin

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