811 Call Before You Dig: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

In recent months, Capital Electric Cooperative (CEC) has received an increased number of calls from its members regarding calling 811 before they dig. It’s important for you to know what to expect when you call 811 and which lines will be located by CEC and the other utility companies.

When a contractor or homeowner calls 811 to request a location of utility services, a locating service is notified and will respond within three working days. Utilities services including electric lines, cable, phone lines and gas lines will be located and flagged on behalf of each corresponding utility.

It is important to remember the locating service will only locate the electric services that are owned by these utility providers. If you have secondary buried line to other services on your property, you are responsible for having those services located by an electrician or someone else with the knowledge and equipment needed to locate them properly. Services provided by CEC end at the meter, so if the meter on your property is not attached to your home, you most likely will have some electric lines that are not owned by the cooperative.

CEC contracts with Summit Utility Services for the location requests of its services. Other utilities in CEC’s service area may use another contractor for the same service, but all of these companies are locating all types of utilities in that area. The co-op pays for its share of this service based on the number of utilities in the area.

It’s important to call 811 at least a few days before you intend to dig. It only takes a few minutes for the call, but it can save lives and eliminate the inconvenience of a damaged line. The cost of damaged lines from an improper dig-in can cost you a considerable amount of money. In addition, the service interruption can affect a significant area if the line you cut happens to be in a populated area.

Avoid personal and financial risk by always calling 811 before you dig. For more information, visit call811.com.


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