Electric water heaters are efficient and safe

Geospring Heat Pump

Do you remember when propane prices hit $4 a gallon in North Dakota? It wasn’t too long ago — and it could happen again. Historically, propane prices have fluctuated significantly. Recently, the boom in North American oil and gas drilling has slowed. One of the byproducts it produced — propane — is starting to rebound in price. If filling your tank was difficult a couple winters ago when the cost of propane was at an all-time high locally, prepare for history to repeat in the coming months and years.

Heating water accounts for 14 percent to 18 percent of energy use in a typical home. If you’re in the market to purchase a new water heater or replace an outdated model that is not energy-efficient, consider investing in a GE GeoSpring™ heat pump water heater.

• The GeoSpring water heater is 310-percent efficient.

• The price of electricity is less volatile than other fuels. Even at current low propane prices hovering around $1/gallon, electric heat pump water heaters are still a more economical choice for installation and operation.

• Electric water heaters are safe. They produce no carbon monoxide, and they pose no threat of combustion or explosion.

• Electric water heaters don’t lose energy from exhaust or the replacement air that circulates into and out of a house.

• Electric water heaters cost less to install due to no gas line or vent needed.

• The GeoSpring comes with a 10-year warranty, a $300 tax credit (see sidebar) and the ability to produce enough hot water for a six-person family in heat pump mode.

• These high-efficiency water heaters are readily available at Capital Electric Cooperative.

As trusted energy advisers, Josh and Doug in the member services department at Capital Electric Cooperative are educating our member-owners about the benefits of utilizing electric water heaters and other electric heat products. As members of the local business community, our cooperative is also educating local contractors who install residential hot water heaters.

To learn more or to purchase a unit, contact Josh or Doug at the cooperative by calling 701-223-1513, or visit www.capitalelec.com and click on energy efficiency and energy efficient products. Our member services department can help you assess your family’s needs and recommend a unit that will work most efficiently for you.

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