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Within the pages of North Dakota Living, you will find an 8-page section that is written specifically JUST for members of Capital Electric Cooperative. The section, which we at Capital Electric refer to as your Local Pages, is written, designed, edited and produced, by our staff at Capital Electric.

In its statewide pages, North Dakota LIVING publishes general statewide news and feature stories about the economy, energy, high technology, health care, tourism, government, history and agriculture. Readers are very involved in North Dakota LIVING, supplying recipes, household hints, family photos, plus personal reflections - even some from teenagers!

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Directors elected at 2017 annual meeting: (l to r) Richard Koski, Dave Charles, Kyle Hilken and Bill Patrie   Rodney Eckroth retires...
Rodney Eckroth
Back in 2008, Rod Eckroth was enjoying his retirement from Minnkota Power’s Milton R.Young Station in Center. Rodney had worked there for 35 years...
Sean Keisz
Technology has changed the way things work at Capital Electric Cooperative (CEC) over the years. Automated meter reading and monitoring has become...
Alison Krein
Alison Krein loves to travel! She has been to several states and simply enjoys seeing the country and what it has to offer. In fact, last year she...