Ron Lipp retires after nearly 32 years

photo of Ron Lipp

Many of you have probably had the opportunity to meet Engineering and Operations Manager Ron Lipp sometime over the past three decades. If you have attended any one of Capital Electric Cooperative’s (CEC) annual meetings during that time, you most likely remember Ron as the "prize giveaway guy" who did his best to pronounce each winner’s name.

Ron has become famous around the office for eliciting a chuckle with his witty remarks and comments. It’s one of the many aspects of Ron that we will miss around the office as he prepares to retire this spring on his birthday, April 18.

A lot has changed since Ron, an electrical engineer, came on board back in 1987. "We had yellow trucks with no air and a straight stick. Without cellphones or pagers, linemen had to stay home on nights and weekends when they were on call to wait for outage calls. We had one computer in the office that was shared. Technology has changed everything over the years," recollects Ron.

"Ron has played a major part in planning and managing the system growth of Capital Electric for almost 32 years. We will certainly miss his experience and the friendliness he provides to the employees and members on a daily basis," shares CEC General Manager Paul Fitterer.

Ron has become famous for his "Ron-isms," and most of his fellow employees would be able to list at least five of them at any time. "I can’t count how many times he has asked someone, ‘How’s that gum?’ when he catches them chewing a little too fervently," says CEC Communications and Public Relations Director Wes Engbrecht.

At least several times a day he’ll respond "10-4" to someone in casual conversation. If you get a little hot under the collar, you may get a "relax!" or "stay in the car."

Ron has brought a lot to the table over the years, but he will mostly be remembered as a good "co-op guy." He understands why co-ops are great places to work and suggests that the next generation of workers should give it a try.

In retirement, Ron plans to enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing and spending time with his wife of 38 years, Brenda, and their four kids and soon to be five grandchildren. When asked what he’s going to miss most about CEC, Ron said, "The people…the employees, vendors, members, and everyone I dealt with on a daily basis. It truly is a great place to work!"

If you’re wondering if the team at CEC is going to miss Ron’s engineering expertise, experience and his larger than life personality, the answer would be "10-4!"

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