During normal business hours (Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 4 pm), you are able to talk to a Capital Electric employee at the headquarters in Bismarck. After hours, the same phone numbers are used to reach us, however after hours you will reach a voice automated phone system of Basin Electric Power Cooperative in Bismarck. Basin operates the 24-hour dispatch service for Capital Electric. The numbers to call, day or night, are (701) 223-1513.

All after-hour calls will be answered immediately by a voice automated system. This is what you should experience if you do receive the voice-mail message:

Thank you for calling Capital Electric.

Our automated system allows you to report an outage quickly and easily using a phone number or a meter number. Agents are also available but hold times vary with high call volumes.

If you are calling to report an electrical outage press 1.
For billing, 2
All other calls, 0

If you pressed 1 to report an electrical outage:
You will be asked if you would like to report an outage using a phone number or a meter number or if you have critical information regarding the cause of an outage. You will also have the option to speak to an agent.

If you choose to use the automated system and use a phone number to report the outage you will be asked to enter the 10 digit phone number associated with the account. If you choose to use a meter number you will be asked to enter the meter number associated with the outage. If you choose the phone number option and you have more than one meter on account you will be asked if you would like to enter the meter number or speak with an agent.

You may be asked if you are completely out of power and if your neighbors have power. Once you have answered the questions you will receive a message confirming that your outage has been reported and that line crews have or will be dispatched.

If you ask to speak to an agent the automated system will check to see if one is available. If all agents are assisting other customers the system will inform you of this fact and that it may be faster to use the automated system. You can then choose between using the automated system or talking with an agent.

If you pressed 2 for a billing question:
Available 24 hours per day, Capital Electric's automated phone system allows you to make payments, inquire on your balance, and update your contact information.  (You can also call the phone system directly by dialing 1-877-853-5928).

We ask our members to report any power problems by calling Capital Electric at (701) 223-1513. When you get the voice automated system, please follow the directions and record your message. If you experience difficulties with this, please let us know during normal business hours. We want to hear from you! Capital Electric Cooperative is committed to serving you. If the lights do go out in the middle of the night, be assured that our lineworkers are just a phone call away.