Through our off-peak load control program, Capital Electric now credits our members up to $5 per month for using any electric water heater, as a thank-you for supporting energy conservation.

Here's how our off-peak program works: At your request, the staff at Capital Electric will provide you with a load control device that your electrician can connect to your water heater. This device allows Capital Electric to remotely shut off your water heater during peak times for a minimal time period. We call this process "load control." By selecting the load control option, you will receive up to $5 per month off your electric bill and help keep overall power costs down for the cooperative as a whole. So not only is it great for you, it also benefits the rest of the co-op membership!

To find out if an electric water heater can help you become more efficient, call Josh, Jared or NaTesa at (701) 223-1513 for more information today.