To sign up for electric service, you can either complete the secure online Application for Membership and Electric Service or come to our office at 4111 State Street North in Bismarck, ND.

If you choose to use our secure online application, know that we have taken the following steps to ensure that your information is secure and your privacy is respected:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
    Utilizing SSL will guarantee that any transmissions of your information to or from our server will be encrypted. Any interception of your information on the Internet will be impossible for the intruder to read.


Meter Location Policy:

CEC will not provide a meter socket for any service terminating in a house or building. CEC will provide secondary conductors to the point of metering. All residential meter sockets for new construction must be located outside, on the house or building sidewall. Meter sockets shall be located on the side of the house or building (including side or back of attached garage) nearest CEC’s service point (i.e. transformer; secondary pedestal or stub out) unless that location is not practical as determined in the sole discretion of CEC. In such cases, the meter facility shall be located as directed by CEC. The side wall of the house or building (including side or back of attached garage) is construed to mean the outermost side, which is not considered the front or back of the house or building. All residential meter sockets for service upgrades shall also be subject to the above criteria if CEC is to provide a new service line as part of the upgrade.

To sign up for service online, select one of the following: