How would you like to save up to $200 per year by heating your water in a more efficient manner? The heat pump water heater is the most energy efficient water heater available.

Capital Electric is an authorized dealer of the HTP™ heat pump water heater. Using the same technology as an "air-source" heating/cooling system, the heat pump water heater draws ambient heat from surrounding air. Coils wrap the tank and transfer heat to the water inside the tank.

The HTP™ heat pump water heater provides the same recovery as a standard electric tank water heater. It's available in 50 or 80 gallon capacity, and fits in the same area as a standard water heater. It's four operating modes include Economy, Auto, Vacation, and Standard. The water heaters come standard with a 10 year limited warranty.

Call Josh or Jared in our Energy Services department at 701-223-1513 to find out more about this innovative product, and ask if rebates and tax incentives are available!

To visit the HTP™ web site and download a detailed product brochure, click here(link is external).