Members who have central air, an air source heat pump or a geothermal heat pump qualify for this load control program. By allowing CEC to control your air conditioning, you can can earn a credit of $2 per ton (based on the size of your A/C unit). You could also opt for the $.02 per kilowatt hour credit if you have a separate meter for your air conditioner.

The program works by cycling the air conditioners on and off frequently enough to keep your home cool in such a way that the air conditioning of each participant is spread out, so that not all participants are cycled on at the same time. By timing the cycles, CEC will see reduced demand during its peak and in turn, pass the savings onto those in the program.

The air conditioning load control program is available to all members and works in conjunction with the PTR program for those choosing to participate in both. If you are interested in finding out more about the air conditioning load control program, call CEC at (701) 223 - 1513 and ask for Josh, Jared or NaTesa in the Energy Services department.