Dressler Retires after nearly four decades

Just a few years ago, we celebrated Rick Dressler’s 35-year anniversary with Capital Electric Cooperative. Now, we get to thank him for nearly 40 years of service, as he retires on Jan. 5. Few cooperative employees have reached this milestone, so it’s a pleasure to recognize his commitment to our members, directors and fellow employees. A summer storm during the night prompts lineworkers to rush to the shop to fire up their trucks in a race to restore power. Winter weather is even more menacing, as the snow, cold and wind make it almost impossible to see, much less reach, the affected areas. These are just two examples of Dressler’s career with Capital Electric. Answering calls at 2 a.m. to respond to power outages, and to later manage system damage from winter storms, takes a dedication that is extremely difficult, yet necessary, in this business. Our members have often shared how much they appreciate this work. “I have been fortunate to work with hardworking lineworkers over the years. We are a team, and it continues to feel that we are always on the same page,” Dressler says. Through good times and bad, the commitment to duty and service has remained constant. As the co-op moves forward, System Supervisor Jeff Holzer will move into the operations manager position Dressler is vacating. “Jeff will do an outstanding job in this position. I have worked with him for 21 years and have great confidence he will do the job well,” Dressler says. It’s been a good run for the Dressler boy from Flasher, who started his career on May 1, 1984. When Dressler started his lineworker career at Capital Electric, one of his first co-workers on the crew was Johnny Fasching. “Johnny went home to his wife that first day and told her there was a new guy that had started. When she asked who he was, Johnny retorted, in his typically rough manner, ‘Some skinny kid from Flasher,’” Dressler shares. Dressler has shared a lot of great stories about his time at the co-op, and they all mean so much to him.  “Rick has been dedicated to serving Capital Electric for nearly 40 years – half of the cooperative’s existence! He served as a lineworker, our system supervisor and currently as the manager of operations. Rick takes great pride in the work he does and cares deeply about his fellow employees and serving the membership. He brings his work ethic and great sense of humor to the job every day. We wish Rick the best in his retirement and thank him for his service,” General Manager Paul Fitterer says. Dressler shares an often-told humorous story about a co-op member. “After I first started with the co-op, we had a member in Goodrich who lost power. We found out a few days later, when the mailman delivered the letter, which he sent to inform us of the outage. We still laugh about that,” he says. In retirement, Dressler plans to devote more time to his family. He has three sons, who are all married and have children. In fact, his 11th grandchild is on the way. “To have the time to spend with them will be an amazing gift. My wife, Val, and I are fortunate to have everyone live within a few blocks of our home in south Bismarck,” he says with a beaming smile. We wish you well, Rick, and will miss you greatly as you move on to the next phase in life!