Jeff Holzer takes over operations manager role

Managing operations for a co-op serving more than 23,000 meters can be challenging, but Jeff Holzer is ready for the job. Following 21 years at the co-op as a lineworker and currently the system supervisor, his understanding of our entire system is complete. As operations manager, Holzer will work closely with the new system supervisor, Lance Diebold. They will manage a team of lineworkers who ensure reliable power delivery 365 days each year. A significant aspect of maintaining a successful operations department is communicating with co-op members. “There are many situations, both positive and challenging, that arise during the workday. Of course, frequent North Dakota storms can bring on many of these challenges, but there are many other times when member communication is needed,” Holzer says. “The coordination of our crews is vital to ensure a quick response to restore power. Our guys will brave all conditions to make this happen.” Communicating daily with other departments within the co-op is important as well. “As a co-op, we work together to get things done and that’s what makes things go smoothly,” Holzer explains. Co-op employees have the same goal in mind – to serve the needs of our members. “We are confident Jeff’s experience at the co-op and his knowledge of our system will translate into a seamless transition. He will do a great job managing our operations department,” General Manager Paul Fitterer says. We look forward to Jeff’s continued dedication to Capital Electric. As a co-op member, you can be confident the same level of service we have provided in the past will continue.