Employee spotlight: Cody Homes

Co-op lineworkers are the glue that holds the electrical system together. They are on-call 24/7 to restore power through the most difficult weather conditions. “It’s important to hire professionally trained and educated lineworkers to do the job in a safe and efficient manner,” Operations Manager Rick Dressler explains.  Most of Capital Electric Cooperative’s lineworkers are trained locally through Bismarck State College’s lineworker program. We are fortunate to add yet
another graduate from this program to the Capital Electric team. Cody Homes, originally from Buchanan, reported
for work as an apprentice lineworker on Jan. 30. He has experience working one summer season with Northern Plains Electric Cooperative at its Carrington location.  Homes will be working at the Wing outpost with Lead Lineworker Jesse Goehring. “I’m looking forward to working in the rural area