Rate Structure Shift

As most of you have noticed, the price of goods and services has been increasing over recent months, and even the past couple of years. Some of these increases have been rather significant, causing much concern about the general level of inflation affecting our country.

Capital Electric Cooperative has done our best to maintain steady energy rates for our members. In fact, a general rate increase has not occurred since 2016. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where it is necessary to increase our revenue to cover the increasing costs of equipment, labor and supplies. As an example of these increases, the cost of our basic transformer has jumped from $1,300 two years ago to $1,900 today.

Starting in May, many of you (including commercial and residential members) will see an overall increase in your Capital Electric energy bill. This increase will be calculated for residential members through a new grid capacity charge based on your highest point of usage. For commercial members, the existing grid capacity charge will be increased.

As the increase will be effective May 1, you will notice a new line item on the bill you receive in June. The increase will not be hidden in your kilowatt-hour (kWh) line. It will be a separate line item, so you can analyze the increase or decrease. We are committed to providing the information and feedback you will require to understand this change.

For those of you who will be seeing a noticeable increase, we will be contacting you directly through the mail or by phone. There will be options you may be able to use to level your bill in the future. Our member service professionals will be available to discuss these options.